3rd IASC world conference on
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
Amathus Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus, 28-31 October, 2005

ERCIM-1: Data assimilation and its application
Zahari Zlatev
ERCIM-2: QR factorizations and other rank-revealing factorizations
Bernard Philippe
T01: Functional Genomics: Computational and Statistical Aspects
Axel Benner, Robert Gentleman, Geoff McLachlan and Martina Mittlböck
T02: Robust and Nonparametric Methods
Rand Wilcox, Simon Sheather and Edgar Brunner
T03: Model Selection, Computational Methods, and Optimization Heuristics
Hamparsum Bozdogan, Manfred Gilli and Peter Winker
T04: Applications in Macro-Economics, Finance and Marketing
Patrick J.F. Groenen and Herman van Dijk
T05: Computer-intensive methods for dependent data
Qiwei Yao, Michele La Rocca, Rong Chen and Dimitris N. Politis
T06: Statistical Learning Methods involving Dimensionality Reduction
Hans-Hermann Bock, Trevor Hastie and Maurizio Vichi
T07: Clinical Trials
Markus Neuhäuser, Fred C. Lam, Joyce Niland and Norbert Victor
T08: Statistics for Functional data
Wenceslao Gonzalez Manteiga and Philippe Vieu
T09: Machine Learning and Scientific Computing
Hongyuan Zha, Chris Ding, Michael Ng, Efstratios Gallopoulos and Vicenc Torra
T10: Robust data mining
Christophe Croux, Ruben Zamar, Peter Filzmoser and Stefan Van Aelst
T11: Latent Variable and Structural Equation Models
Irini Moustaki and Sik-Yum Lee
T12: Statistical Signal Extraction and Filtering
D.S.G. (Stephen) Pollock and Tommaso Proietti
T13: Advances in Mixture Models
Dankmar Böhning, Wilfried Seidel, Bernard Garel, Valentin Patilea, Geoff McLachlan, Marco Alfò and Matthias Greiner
T15: Mixed models for Complex and Large Problems
Roger Payne and B.R. Cullis
T16: Nonlinear time series modelling
Alessandra Amendola, Siem Jan Koopman, Christian Francq and Wai-Sum Chan
T17: Financial econometrics
Siem Jan Koopman, Giovanni Barone-Adesi, Marius Ooms, Alessandra Amendola and Eric Zivot
T18: Flexible function estimation in high dimensional problems
Michael G. Schimek, Ivana Horova and David W. Scott
T19: New developments in software for statistical computing
Moon Huh, Junji Nakano and Antony Unwin
T20: Models and methods for Customer Relationship Management
Gilbert Saporta, Giuseppe Giordano and Huiwen Wang
T21: Recursive Partitioning and related methods
Roberta Siciliano, Jacqueline J. Meulman and Claudio Conversano
T22: Partial Least Squares: A Framework for Data Analysis and Statistical Modeling
Carlo Lauro, Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Wynne W. Chin and Aloke Phatak
T23: Fuzzy Statistical Analysis
Renato Coppi and Maria Angeles
T24: Computational Econometrics
D. Belsley, E.J. Kontoghiorghes, J. Magnus and P. Foschi
T25: Statistical Algorithms and Software
James Gentle, John Hinde and Cristian Gatu
T26: Matrix Computations and Statistics
Bernard Philippe, Jesse L. Barlow and Erricos John Kontoghiorghes
T27: Analysis of Symbolic and Structured Data
Paula Brito, Lynne Billard, Edwin Diday, Georges Hébrail and Donato Malerba
T28: Tutorial: Data Analysis Techniques for Evaluating Trading Strategies
Patrick Burns