ERCIM Working Group

Computing & Statistics


MCS: Matrix Computations and Statistics
Lars Elden, Erricos John Kontoghiorghes, Bernard Philippe and Daniela di Serafino
CFE: Computational Econometrics and Financial Time Series
A. Amendola, Ana-Maria Fuertes, Marc Paolella and Herman K. Van Dijk,
SSEF: Statistical Signal Extraction and Filtering
D.S.G. (Stephen) Pollock, Tommaso Proietti and Esther Ruiz
RDM: Robust Analysis of Complex Data Sets
Christophe Croux, Peter Filzmoser and Stefan Van Aelst
OHEM: Optimization Heuristics in Estimation and Modelling
Manfred Gilli, Dietmar Maringer, Sandra Paterlini and Peter Winker
FSA: Fuzzy Statistical Analysis
Ana Colubi, Renato Coppi and Maria Angeles Gil
AlgSoft: Statistical algorithms and software
Cristian Gatu, Achim Zeileis and Torsten Hothorn
SFD: Statistics for Functional Data
Manuel Febrero, Frederic Ferraty, Wenceslao Gonzalez Manteiga and Philippe Vieu
FGen: Functional Genomics
Axel Benner, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte, Wolfgang Huber and Martina Mittlböck
SEM: Latent Variable and Structural Equation Models
Irini Moustaki
MM: Mixture Models
Dankmar Böhning, Marco Alfo and Valentin Patilea
SEA: Statistics of Extremes and Applications
Michael Falk, Armelle Guillou, Ivette Gomes and Johan Segers
SAET: Statistical Analysis of Event Times
Jacobo de Uña-Alvarez and M. Carmen Pardo


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