3rd International Conference of the ERCIM WG on
10-12 December 2010, Senate House, University of London, UK

RDM: Robust Analysis of Complex Data Sets
Christophe Croux, Andreas Christmann, Peter Filzmoser and Stefan Van Aelst
AlgSoft: Statistical Algorithms and Software
Cristian Gatu, Bettina Grün, Uwe Ligges and Achim Zeileis
FSA: Fuzzy Statistical Analysis
Ana Colubi, Thierry Denoeux and Maria Angeles Gil.
QRSM: Quantile regression and semiparametric methods
Michiel Debruyne, Xuming He, Mia Hubert and Byeong U. Park.
OHEM: Optimization Heuristics in Estimation and Modelling
Dietmar Maringer, Sandra Paterlini and Peter Winker
CFE: Computational Econometrics and Financial Time Series
Alessandra Amendola, Ana-Maria Fuertes, Marc Paolella and Herman K. Van Dijk
QF: Quantitative Finance
Nicos Christofides, Daniel Kuhn, Berc Rustem
SSEF: Statistical Signal Extraction and Filtering
Manfred Deistler, D.S.G. (Stephen) Pollock and Tommaso Proietti
SAE: Small Area Estimation
Ray Chambers, Domingo Morales, Jon N.K. Rao and Maria Dolores Ugarte
SEM: Latent Variable and Structural Equation Models
Wicher Bergsma and Irini Moustaki
MM: Mixture Models
Marco Alfò, Dankmar Böhning, Gilles Celeux, Christian Hennig, Dimitris Karlis, Valentin Patilea, Luca Tardella
MCS: Matrix Computations and Statistics
Costas Bekas, Xiao-Wen Chang, Paolo Foschi, Erricos John Kontoghiorghes
TSA: Time Series Modeling and Computation
Konstantinos Fokianos and Roland Fried
ODA: Optimal Design Algorithms
Steve Gilmour, Peter Goos, Heiko Grossmann and Ben Parker
ClinTr: Computational Statistics for Clinical Research
Stan Azen, Martina Mittlböck, and Joyce Niland