4th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on
17-19 December 2011, Senate House, University of London, UK


4th International Conference of the ERCIM Working Group on


17-19 December 2011, Senate House, University of London, UK

Supported and organized by the London School of Economics, Queen Mary, University of London, and Birkbeck University of London.

All topics within the Aims and Scope of the ERCIM Working Group Computing & Statistics will be considered for oral and poster presentation. Topics includes, but not limited to: robust methods, statistical algorithms and software, high-dimensional data analysis, statistics for imprecise data, extreme value modeling, quantile regression and semiparametric methods, model validation, functional data analysis, Bayesian methods, optimization heuristics in estimation and modelling, computational econometrics, quantitative finance, statistical signal extraction and filtering, small area estimation, latent variable and structural equation models, mixture models, matrix computations in statistics, time series modeling and computation, optimal design algorithms and computational statistics for clinical research.

The organization of Tracks and suggestion of possible sessions within the framework of the Working Group are strongly encouraged. Suitable papers will be considered for publication in special or regular issues of CSDA.

The meeting will take place jointly with the 5th CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE'11). Tutorials will be given on Friday the 16th of December 2011. To obtain further information please Send an Email.

Publication: Papers containing strong computational statistical, or substantive data-analytic elements will be considered for publication in a special peer-reviewed, or regular, issues of the Journal CSDA.

The CSDA is planning for the 2011-2012 the following special issues (the information will be updated in due course):

  1. CSDA Annals of Computational and Financial Econometrics.
    Guest Editors: David A. Belsley, Erricos J. Kontoghiorghes, Esther Ruiz, Herman K. Van Dijk.

  2. Bayesian Computing, Methods and Applications.
    Guest Editors: Cathy W.S. Chen, David Dunson, Sylvia Fruehwirth-Schnatter and Stephen G. Walker.

  3. Statistical Algorithms and Software in R.
    Guest Editors: Peter Filzmoser, Cristian Gatu and Achim Zeileis.

  4. Imprecision in Statistical Data Analysis.
    Guest Editors: Ana Colubi and Thierry Denoeux.

  5. Model Selection and High Dimensional Data Reduction.
    Guest Editors: Gerda Claeskens, S. Ejaz Ahmed, Hidetoshi Shimodaira and Stefan Van Aelst.

  6. Advances in Mixture Models.
    Guest Editors: Dankmar Bohning, Christian Hennig, Geoff McLachlan and Paul McNicholas

  7. Design Algorithms of Experiments.
    Guest Editors: Steven G. Gilmour and Roger W. Payne

  8. Robust Analysis of Complex Data (Deadline of submissions 30th of June 2011).
    Guest Editors: Christophe Croux, Elvezio Ronchetti, Matias Salibian-Barrera and Stefan Van Aelst

International Organizing Committee: S. Azen, A. Colubi, E.J. Kontoghiorghes, G. Loizou and I. Moustaki.

Co-Chairs: Christophe Croux, Roland Fried, Steve Gilmour, Domingo Morales and Tommaso Proietti.

Scientific Program Committee:
E. Ahmed, A.M. Alonso, A.C. Atkinson, A. Christmann, T. Denoeux, M. Falk, P. Foschi, C. Gatu, L.A. Garcia-Escudero, R. Gerlach, M.I. Gomes, G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, A. Gordaliza, A. Grane, C. Hennig, J. Hinde, M. Huber, T. Kneib, S. Kuhnt, J. Lopez-Fidalgo, A. Luati, A. Mayo, S. Meintanis, I. Molina, M.C. Pardo, R.W. Payne, C. Perna, S. Petrone, I. Poli, I. Pruenster, S. Sanfelici, G. Storti, S. Van Aelst, I. Van Keilegom, J. Whittaker, P. Winker, R. Zamar, A. Zeileis.

Local organizers:
Department of Statistics, London School of Economics, UK.
Department of Economics, Queen Mary, University of London, UK.
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Birkbeck University of London, UK.

Important dates:

Abstract submissions:30 September 2011 (Extended deadline. Submit an abstract)
Acceptance decision: 15 October 2011 (Decision is made at most two weeks after submission)
Tutorial: 16 December 2011
Conference: 17-19 December 2011
Submission of full papers (optional): 15 February 2012 (Papers can be submitted at any time)
Notification of decision: 15 June 2012 (tentative)
Publication of the CSDA Special Issues: 15 December 2012 (tentative)